Registration Procedure

1. Download and complete the registration form.

Registration form download --> here.

2. Send it by e-mail.

E-mail address:

E-mail title: Registration_”Your full name”

3. You will receive your registration number and bank transfer instructions by e-mail.

4. Pay registration fee according to the bank transfer instructions.

5. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.



The registration procedure will NOT complete until your payment is confirmed.

When both your full name and registration number are NOT stated on the bank transfer, the payment will be unknown to the administration office.


Registration Rates

Early Bird Registration (Pre-registration) Rates (before October 1)

  Regular  -----------JPY 25,000

  Student ------------ JPY 15,000

  Banquet: Regular ---------JPY 8,000

  Banquet: Student ---------JPY 4,000


Registration Rates (after October 1)

  Regular  ------------JPY 30,000

  Student ------------ JPY 17,000

  Banquet: Regular --------JPY 9,000

  Banquet: Student ---------JPY 5,000


Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that nothing will be refunded, but an abstract book (DVD) will be delivered after the conference.

Passport and Visa

You must have a valid passport.  A visa is required for citizens of countries or regions that do not have a visa-exemption agreement with Japan.  For details, please contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate.  When predetermined condiions are satisfied, we will issue an official invitation letter for the purpose of visa application upon your request.  We cannot provide any other letters or documents except the invitation letter.